The practical part of the crayfish research, applying results to practical conditions, has been outsourced in the Finnish model by establishing an independent office, Crayfish Innovation Centre. The model of a independent, tightly focused office in the field of fisheries, including crayfisheries, is unique in Europe as well as globally. CIC has been established as a result of a long preliminary project that was to be expanded due to its huge success.

CIC acts as the main source of crayfish related information or innovation among private and government offices and institutions in Finland and has already been agreed to act as the mushroom organisation for different small crayfisheries projects. CIC is located in Southern Finland among the most dense crayfish farming area and has a staff of two at the present.

The aims of CIC are to distribute academic and scientific knowledge among crayfish farmers to fully benefit from the outcomes of the research institutes.









Furthermore, CIC combines the scattered and sometimes ineffective promotion of crayfisheries in Finland.

CIC employs two development officers, Ari Mannonen (MSc) and Japo Jussila (PhD), whose combined experienced in crayfisheries exceeds 40 years since 1986. CIC also contracts experts to increase the quality of its tightly focused or local projects.


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Japo Jussila +358-40-5428982


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